I Love Dentistry (part 2)!

Ok… So, I think this is a really cool picture showing the immense size of the canine tooth and how much root they have. Most people don’t realize the crown to root ratio of this tooth! This was an infected tooth that needed to be extracted and had a secondary oronasal fistula. The dog recovered just fine after flushing the area and a gingival flap closure.. He had one other tooth extracted as well. Healthy mouth equals a healthy body! Pets need clean teeth too! #ilovedentistry.

Who Loves Doing Dentistry?

We do! This little older fella was a rescue who obviously never had any dental care. I had to extract 18 teeth! All were loose and were waiving goodbye. Lol. But he is doing great and we got all of that nasty infection out of his mouth. Healthy mouth equals healthy body.

Round bones and your dog

I recommend not feeding your dog round bones. This kid was fine but we had to sedate him and cut the bone to get it off. It’s always amazing the things they can do sonetimes! I have seen this a few times through the years.

Happy New Year!

We will be closed on New Year’s Eve (Mon) and New Year’s Day (Tues) for appointments and walk-ins… staff will be there of course to take care of our boarders. Everyone have a safe and happy New Year! Thank you and see you next year!