Our Services and Fees

lucky sept 99Feline only vaccines: (exam is required with the FVRCP vaccine)
Feline Leukemia vaccine $29

Canine only vaccines: (exam is required with the DHPP vaccines)

DHPP-L $22
Bordetella intranasal vaccine $20
Rabies 1 year $19
Rabies 3 year $57
Fecal testing $19

Kali Nov 1995Canine Heartworm testing $34
Feline Leukemia/HIV/Heartworm test $48
Nail trims $14
Anal Gland expression $22

We also offer Puppy and Kitten Plan bundles to help get the best care and start for your new furry family member.

We carry Trifexis for dogs. It is a monthly heartworm prevention, provides intestinal parasite control (covers hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms) and flea control.  And we carry Interceptor Plus as another option. A yearly negative heartworm test is required to get this prescription.  We also have the new 3 month product for dogs, Bravecto, an oral chew that kills fleas and several species of ticks up to 12 weeks!  We also have Bravecto for cats, a 3 month topical flea control medicine, and Revolution. Our prices are very competitive and we will always try to beat the other online pharmacy prices if we can.

Bathing services:

All of our furry friends will receive a nail trim, an anal gland expression (dogs only)  and an ear exam prior to the bath.  Call for prices as it varies by size and hair coat.


We  offer a lion cut haircut if your cat is very matted or prone to hairballs.  Most of the time, this requires sedation as cats do not like the clipper noise.  I do my fuzzy kids every year in the Spring!  Cost for a lion cut $45 (plus $50 for sedation).   For dogs, we can do limited grooming… summer cuts only at this time.


8 large deluxe dog runs availableKitty Condos

We offer boarding for both cats and dogs.   We offer very nice large runs for dogs and deluxe condos for cats (pictured).  Our large runs are $25 per night and our cat condos are $18 per night.  We have regular stainless steel kennels also for $18 per night.  We do have a large fenced back yard area for exercise.  Dogs will go outside a minimum of 4 times per day or more if needed.  Cat condo boarding areas and dog boarding areas are separate areas of the clinic.  You can bring your pet’s own food or we can feed them with ours.  Less upset tummies occur if their diets are not changed from home.  There is not an extra fee for bringing your own food.


A dental cleaning is a necessary part of keeping our furry friends healthy.  Bacteria can spread from the mouth to many different parts of the body, especially the heart valves, liver, and the kidney.  Dental health is important to overall body health.  Our dental cleanings involve general anesthesia, as our patients do not say “aaahhhh”.  Prior to anesthesia, we will require a pre-anesthetic blood panel to ensure that our patients are healthy and to help us determine if any special needs arise.  It will check out the red blood cell count, protein levels, liver, kidneys,  and the patient’s blood sugar levels.  Even if a patient is perceived as healthy, it is good to have these values in case they ever become sick so we can compare the values. Your pet will have an IV catheter and fluids throughout the procedure, and we use pulse oximetry technology to better monitor our patients.  For the cleaning, we will administer a prophylactic antibiotic injection.  We then ultrasonically scale the teeth, hand scale, polish, fluoride, and then apply a sealant called “Oravet”.  We typically do these procedures in the morning, which allows your pet to wake up thoroughly and go home the same evening.  After the procedure, we’ll apply a Therapeutic Class IV Laser treatment to decrease inflammation and to promote healing.  We also give all of our sedated animals a complimentary nail trim.   The cost of the dental cleaning for dogs and cats with everything described is $305.  Teeth extractions, antibiotics sent home (if needed), and pain meds (if needed) would be extra and vary depending on what is required.

The 2 pictures below are a before and after picture of one of our dental cleaning patients at Tulsa Town Veterinary Hospital.






for more information on each procedure, just click the name below.

Pre-anesthetic in house profile (required for all surgeries) $95
All of the surgeries listed below do not include the pre-anesthetic fee.

*Canine Spay (depending on weight $155 to $255)
**Canine Neuter (depending on weight $150 to $165)
*Feline spay $145
**Feline neuter $50

Lacerations,  mass removals, other surgeries vary depending on what is needed.  Estimates will be given prior to surgery so that you are informed beforehand.

* Please note there is an extra fee associated with patients that are either in heat or pregnant at time of the surgery.
** Removal of retained testicles (cyptorchid animals) are an extra fee depending on location.