Our Puppy Plan

TTV Puppy Plan

The puppy plan is a great way to get your furry new family member everything they need to stay healthy and get a good start on life. It also saves you a
considerable amount of money by getting the package deal vs splitting everything up.

What’s entailed?

With the puppy plan you get all of the puppy vaccines and boosters needed, heartworm prevention on each booster visit. (Trifexis…prevents infection from heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms and also controls/kills fleas.) Fecal checks for intestinal parasites, deworming, nail trims, and a microchip for identification are also part of the plan. You will also receive 10% off of your pet’s spay or neuter if done between 4-6 months of age and 10% off of your first purchase of Trifexis if you buy a 6 month supply within 1 month of the 4th puppy plan visit…. And finally, one free bath between the 1st and 2nd visit. This is a savings of $197.

How much does it cost?

The total cost for the puppy plan is $360. It is divided into two payments of $180 the first being due on your puppy’s 1st visit and the second payment is due on the 2nd visit approximately one month later.

What happens on each visit?

Generally boosters are done 1 month apart and start at 8-9 weeks of age.

Your puppy’s 1st visit: General health exam, DHPP- Corona vaccine, fecal test, nail trim, deworming, dose of Trifexis. First payment is due on this visit. Time to schedule your free bath this month.

2nd visit: Exam, DHPP- Corona #2 booster, Bordetella intranasal vaccine, fecal test, nail trim, deworming #2, dose of Trifexis and microchip placement (registration is free). Second payment is due on this visit so plan is paid in full!

3rd visit: Exam, DHPP- Lepto vaccine, Bordetella intranasal vaccine, Rabies 1 year vaccine, nail trim, and dose of Trifexis.

4th visit: Exam, DHPP- Lepto booster, nail trim, and last dose of Trifexis included in plan.

You can purchase an additional 6 months supply of Trifexis at 10% off either at this time or within 30 days.

You also get 10% off the spay or neuter if done between 4-6 months of age.

You also receive free exams (extra $45 value) if needed for other issues before the 4th visit….though medications or treatment would be extra.

Thank you and if you have any questions about the plan, please ask and we will be happy to answer them. The team at TTV.