Round bones and your dog

I recommend not feeding your dog round bones. This kid was fine but we had to sedate him and cut the bone to get it off. It’s always amazing the things they can do sonetimes! I have seen this a few times through the years.

Happy New Year!

We will be closed on New Year’s Eve (Mon) and New Year’s Day (Tues) for appointments and walk-ins… staff will be there of course to take care of our boarders. Everyone have a safe and happy New Year! Thank you and see you next year!

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from our staff and friends to yours! I can’t do it without this great crew and I am very thankful they are all a part of our team. We enjoyed some time together outside of work last night and had a wonderful evening! We all love what we do and are thankful we get to do it! Happy Holidays to you all!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Our clients sure do like their treats they get when they visit us! Everyone please have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! We at Tulsa Town Veterinary Hospital are very grateful for our friends and family and for those of you who give us the privilege of taking care of your fuzzy family members. We will be closed Thursday and Friday to celebrate with our families. Thank you everyone! 😊❤️

Dog with treat

Microchip Your Pets!

Microchipped dog waiting for owner

This cute girl was found by a good samaritan, in the busy morning school roads on a rainy Tuesday morning. But because her owners had microchipped her, within just 5 minutes of her coming into the clinic, her owner was notified. We held her until the owner could come. Happy reunion afterwards! Please microchip your dogs AND cats! It makes a huge difference and is very affordable. Currently, we only charge $30 and there are no registration fees with the tiny ISO compliant microchip we use.