Meet Weebles!

This is Weebles… aka Weeble Wobble. You might see him next time you visit our hospital. He is trying out his new carrier… By carrier I mean method by which he can be held yet we can get some work done! I think he likes it! Weebles is one of our new office greeters. He has hypocerebellar syndrome which means he can’t control fine motion. Since he doesn’t have the coordination of jumping up on high things, he likes to occasionally be carried around a lot as it increases his world perception. His slight disability doesn’t slow him down at all though as he will zip and zing and play with the big kids. His brakes don’t work too well either. But Weebles doesn’t care! He is such a sweet boy! We love him very much! Be sure to say hi to Weeble Wobble next time you come in!

Construction is Over!

Just in case you haven’t been by our place in the last few days…. Construction at 41st and Harvard is finished! Woot woot! Thanks for all of your patience during the last 5 months or so! We are very happy with the finished results though…. and our median in front of the hospital is gone!

Closed Labor Day

Everybody have a safe and happy Labor day weekend! We will be open on Saturday with our normal hours but will be closed on Monday for Labor day itself. Cute kitten pics to send us off! Be safe and kind to one another!